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Samuel Owusu is your everyday college kid, right?

He enjoys hanging out with friends and doing normal college kid things. Sounds about right so far.

Well, you see, Samuel Owusu does another thing that may not be under the category of ‘everyday college kid’. 

Samuel Owusu plays soccer, at a very high level.

Owusu played with the Colorado Rapids Youth Academy during his youth career, playing with and against the best players in the nation for his respective age group.

“It was very competitive (playing with the Rapids), it was a great opportunity to learn skills with youth national team coaches watching, lots of pressure… but you can’t let the outside stuff get to you, just enjoy the moment,” Owusu stated.

Samuel Owusu is also the next player featured in OPSM’s NextGenSeries highlighting the best u23 players represented by Ottawa Pro Sports Management, all written by 14 year old Chris Dailey of The Sports Court.

The competitive nature burns bright in Owusu, a very technical and sharp on the ball winger models his game after Brazalian superstar currently playing for PSG, Neymar jr.

“I look up to Neymar, playing style. I have always liked him from a young age and never changed my mind about that,” Owusu said about Neymar.

Like Neymar, Owusu is confident on the ball, willing to take defenders on. If there was a word to describe how the 21 year old from Colorado plays, it’s ‘showstopping’.

In case you were wondering, showstopping means an act, song, or performer that wins applause so prolonged as to interrupt a performance.

In other words, Owusu is not just good, but great.

Currently playing for Salt Lake Community College, played two years of high school soccer before making the Rapids where he stayed for three years, taking a gap year from highschool to college to continue playing for the Rapids.

Owusu connected OPSM through a friend at the Rapids academy. Proving to be a great decision as OPSM has a proven track record of turning collegiate athletes into professionals.

“One of my friends I played with in the academy found out about OPSM, so I contacted them and he did as well… My time with them has been good, they’re always giving me advice,” Owusu stated about finding OPSM and what he’s learned in his time with the Ottawa based company.

Now at Salt Lake, playing for the Bruins, Owusu is emerging as a top player and has high goals set for his future. 

“My goal is to transfer to a D1 school then go professional,” Owusu said. 

Many may doubt, they may question, but I can tell you that one thing is for sure. Samuel Owusu will work harder than the rest to get where he wants to be, a truly humble, down to earth kid, Samuel Owusu is really a NextGen talent.

Thank you for reading and make sure to check out the OPMS Players Database https://www.opsmpro.com/players-database/ . And check out all of Chris Dailey’s work at www.thesportscourtblog.com where he interviews professional athletes and writes monthly editorials! 


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