Andrew Macrae Entering Into His 6th Professional Season

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Andrew Macrae, of Tulsa FC and one of OPSM’s professional player’s, had an exclusive interview with OPSM This past week. Macrae entering his sixth professional season, has been training great with his team and preparing to be fit for the 2020 season in Tulsa, USA. We wish him the best of luck for his preparation and below is a brief insider of who Andrew Macrae is.

Q. Hi Andrew, Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

A. I was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. I first started playing professionally at the age of 24. Before this I was scouted and was able to go on trial in the 2015 season and officially signed with Ottawa Fury in the NASL Championship. Now I am in Tulsa, Oklahoma, signed with FC Tulsa who plays in the USL Championship.

Q1. How’s Pre-season training going? / What is your daily routine in a professional team? / Are you happy to be at playing for Tulsa? /

A. It’s been good, I have been here about a month now. We play 6 games in preseason, we’ve played two pre-season games, won one and drew the other, and there’s a game tomorrow night. Our first league game will be in Sacramento. I feel very well currently and everything’s going well during the training sessions.

Well, get to the training facility at, doing injury prevention stuffs, any rehab type stuffs, muscles get heated on, and then 10 to 12 will be on the pitch, and from 12 to 1 in the gym. We also have a team meeting somedays, or events we attend to as a team.

There are new owners who came in this season, I expect a lot of changes like a rebranding of the team. So far it’s looking like it’s going to be a great year in Tulsa.

Q2. What career steps have you passed through in order to be a professional player? / How did you end up in Tulsa? / How many years now that you have been in a professional league? / What did you get from being a professional soccer player? /

A. I managed to get scouted while I was in Nova Scotia at national team camps. Once I was scouted, I went on trial with a club and signed a professional team.

I was in England and Ireland before, and my CV was passed through coaches to OPSM and Godwin basically gave my CV to Tulsa and got me here.

It’s been 5 years in a professional league.

You learn how to live on your own, able to do a lot of networking and connections.

Q3. What is your main goal at the moment? / What do you want to achieve this upcoming season? /

A. My goal is playing in as many games as possible this season. That will be my focus right now for this season.

To win the USL Championship.

Q4. Any challenges or difficulties in your career? / How did you overcome these challenges you may have encountered?

A. I had some troubles in the past…like there was a period when I wasn’t sure If I would find a club or not.

Just kept training, kept knocking on the doors.

Q5. What does it mean to you in having representation? / How did OPSM help you in achieving or working towards your goals? /

A. I mean it’s good. It’s important to have somebody that has your best interest in mind and on the same page as you and able to go fight for you.

They had my contract negotiation with clubs and got me here in Tulsa. After basically we’ve spoken little things and Godwin gave me some advice for my career.

Q6. What advice can you give to those prospects, and young players who are working so hard in order to be a professional soccer player?

A. You just have to keep pushing, regardless of what people say. You also should keep working on the little things in your game so when the time comes you are ready for it. If you want to do it, you just have to do it.

Thank you for your time and best of luck for your upcoming season!


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