Written By Chris Dailey

Tomas Maldonado is one of OPSM’s brightest prospects. The Portuguese phenom spent five years at Benfica and was called up to the Portuguese National Team.

The easiest way to describe Maldonado is, he’s a baller.

“My youth career was going, I was always training at a high level. I spent five years playing for Benfica which made me grow and gain a lot of knowledge about the game and get used to winning. Then I went to Sacavenese and wanted to maintain the high level, this helped me get called up to the Portuguese National Team and wins a lot of individual awards,” Tomas stated.

The baller from Portugal is now one of OPSM’s biggest talents, signing for the agency recently.

“It was destiny’s work (signing for OPSM). An OPSM player came to Portugal to train for some time and stayed training in my team. We started to get along very well and he saw a quality in me. When he left Portugal we stayed in touch. Later the opportunity arose and he put me in contact with OPSM. He’s a friend I cherish a lot,” said Maldonado about signing for OPSM.

OPSM’s star now plays in Finland for Oulun Tyovaen Palloilijat (OTP), where he’s working hard on helping the team gain promotion.

Maldonado joins Jeff Addai, Co-Founder of OPSM, in Finland.

Maldonado talked about his expectations for this upcoming season in Finland, he stated, “The goal for the next season is to be playing in the Ykkonen league at least. I feel good in Finland and I have big goals. Until then I have to work hard to help my team get promoted and to show my ability to others.”

Maldonado is ready to prove his worth while being guided into the right path by OPSM agents. “Since this opportunity with OPSM came up, they’ve always been so considerate. I’m really excited because I know this is the beginning of something really good to come”.

The Portuguese baller will continue to work hard in aims of promotion and will continue to work hard to pursue his dreams of professional soccer.

From Benfica to Finland, Maldonado always does one thing. Impress.

He’s now set out to do that this upcoming season with OTP.

Maldonado Signed for Kakkonen Club OTP United