Behind OPSM

Who We Are


Our Vision is to assist athletes in fulfilling their dreams by helping them through the process of reaching their goals.


“Our philosophy is; In order for you to pursue your passion at the highest level of quality, you need to surround yourself with other beings who have your best interest in mind. We are here to support you, mentor you and fulfill your dreams.”

Meet The Team

Godwin fulfills the role of Chief Agent within the Agency. He is an experienced Football Professional having spent time playing in Spain, New Zealand, and the U.S.A, combined with years of intermediary work since the inception of the OPSM agency. Godwin’s network allows OPSM to locate opportunities for players worldwide, while enabling him to manage and coordinate ideal career decisions for athletes within OPSM Management. Godwin is a Graduate of Spring Arbor University and possesses an H.Bachelor’s Human Anatomy and Physiology. Godwin also is a Licensed agent under the Canadian Soccer Association and FIFA.


Godwin Addai

Co- Founder & Chief Agent

Jeff fulfills the role of Chief Scout within the agency. He is an experienced footballer, still applying his trade in Finland, after having spent time in Albania, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Canada, America and Ghana. Jeff also has a sharp eye for talent and possesses an in-depth understanding of the International Football market garnered from his long-time in football.


Jeff Addai


Mackenzie fulfills the role of President of OPSM. He has more than 10 years experience facilitating leading community and sport programming. Mackenzie possesses a business management degree.




Jason Teale is one of the ten officially licensed Peak Performance Trainers on the planet. He has over 20 years of experience contributing to the mental development of over 50 professional athletes by teaching techniques that fortify one’s mental strength. Jason now applies his trade with all our athletes at OPSM, helping to manage their off-field stresses while refining the mental fortitude needed to become a peak performer.


Jason Teale

Sport Performance Coach

Abeku fulfills the role of Operations Manager and Business Consultant within OPSM. Originally from Montreal, graduated from Brock University with a Honorary Sport Management Bachelor’s degree. He has a great understanding of the sports industry due to his experience working within operations for multiple sports organizations and sporting events. Some of these organizations include the Toronto Raptors, Montreal Impact and Brock sports. He is also fluent in french and english. Growing up as a football student-athlete, Abeku has always had a great passion for sports, especially football.


Abeku Duncan

Operations Manager & Business Consultant

Ibrahim has an extensive background in athletic strength training and development. Coming from a history of playing soccer throughout North America, North Africa, and Australia, he understands the important athletic requirements that a soccer player needs to succeed. With hundreds of athletes from all over the world under his supervision, Ibrahim oversees all training at OPSM.


Ibrahim Soukary

Director of Training

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