Collegiate Pathway Clients Jessie Bryson and Jenna Croteau Gear Up for Their College Season

Written By Will Boehmer

With College Soccer in North America starting up, two of OPSM’s finest are ready for action.   

Jenna Croteau and Jessie Bryson are entering their Junior Year at Campbellsville University in Kentucky and are ready to ball out.  

Both of these girls are Ottawa natives and have been with OPSM since 2018.   

In utilizing OPSM’s Collegiate Pathway membership, Jenna and Jessie were able to continuously develop throughout high school and get recruited to Campbellsville’s highly competitive DII program.   

Foward, Jessie Bryson, recorded 6 goals last season for Campbellsville University  

With access to OPSM’s management planner, our digital training sessions, OPSM events, and guidance from our highly experienced advisors, Jenna and Jessie saw a constant improvement in their technical, tactical, physical, and mental components of their game.  

On top of those perks, the OPSM Collegiate Pathway memberships also include active networking by OPSM to our vast connections of college coaches. This network aided them in finding and applying for scholarships. OPSM was even there for them when emailing and contacting coaches.   

Once they had been accepted to Campbellsville, Jenna and Jessie continued to utilize their OPSM membership attending our bi-weekly consultation calls, keeping in touch with their OPSM advisors, and continuing to grind via our online classes and training programs.   

 Jenna Croteau and OPSM Founder Godwin Addai 

It is this kind of commitment and intensity that has separated them from players who were not consistent with their training! OPSM encourages all the athletes we advise collegiate or pro to maintain a professional lifestyle and show up day in and day out ready to work!   

And work they did. In her first two seasons at Campbellsville Jenna netted four goals and three assists as she bossed the Campbellsville midfield leading to an All-Mid-South Conference selection in 2020.   

Jenna, Jessie, and fellow Canadian teammate Melina pose with the Canadian flag. 

While Jessie grabbed twelve goals in her freshman season leading to an All Mid-South Conference Second Team selection in 2019, and six goals in her sophomore season joining Jenna as an All Mid-East Region Team selection.  

These two have been dialed in these last two years and will be looking to provide more of the same for their squad heading into this fall!   

If you want to achieve results like Jenna and Jessie then get started with OPSM Premium Colleigate Management Pathway today! Our advisors are ready to help both our men and women clients achieve the next step in their playing careers as long as you are ready to put the work in!  

 2020 Women’s Combine Participants  

From Start to Finish, OPSM Pro is here for you.  

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