Written By Chris Dailey

Jared Maloney started playing organized soccer at 11 years old, the OPSM represented player is now a professional soccer player.

A goalkeeper, Maloney always had natural talent and a love for the game, “growing up, I started my youth soccer career very late at the age of 11. After just playing in the park with friends I decided to start playing competitively. I grew up in a family that loves sports – it was my dad that really began to push me and took the responsibility to drive me to all of my practices,” Maloney said.

A humble person and up and coming star goalkeeper, Jared Maloney has never forgotten who was there with him from the start. Maloney stated, “If it wasn’t for my family’s support I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

At 14, Jared started playing under a new coach, Jeff Addai. Addai and Maloney connected that season and stayed in touch.

While Jared was proving himself in the semi-professional ranks of Canadian soccer, Addai reached out and told him about Ottawa Pro Sports Management (OPSM), Addai’s agency he founded with his brother, Godwin, helps amateur and semi-professional players become professional.

Jared is very grateful and appreciative for everything OPSM has done for him in his journey so far, “The way Godwin, Mack and Jeff guided me through my development and mentored me during my journey in Finland is something that not many get a chance to experience and I’m grateful for it.”

Maloney joins Jeff Addai as an OPSM player in Finland, after signing for Vasa IFK, a club located in the second division of Finland.

Jared Maloney is yet another talent to turn pro with the help of OPSM and the Canadain goalkeeper is excited for his new opportunity to prove himself in a European league.

“My expectations are to solidify my spot in the starting 11 and personify the high expectations of this historic club,” said Maloney.

Jared Maloney is no stranger to a challenge, from starting his soccer career at 11 to working hours on his craft even when opportunities were slim due to COVID-19, Maloney has remained persistent and has always remembered that everything happens for a reason.

Click to view Jared Maloney’s profile on the OPSM database: https://www.opsmpro.com/player/jared-maloney