How important is a good agent when signing a Professional Contract?

Written By Will Boehmer

Professional contracts do not just fall into the laps of top players. They are highly sought after and worked towards.  

Many think that they are close to obtaining a contract by working hard on the field and in the gym, but few realize the work that is also done in a conference room and over the phone. The negotiation process can be foreign to many who are used to a less serious playing environment. Growing up you pay your team dues, show up to practice or games, and play your best. Good or bad, you know that there is always a next time.   

Matt Sheldon signing OPSMPRO Agency contract

But now that you are a professional, or trying to be, this is no longer the case. You need to have an urgency in your work, a killer drive, and a laser-sharp focus. Tomorrow is no longer promised. The ball is only to be kicked at the top stadiums by those who have earned the right to be there. So, if you want to be there, and I mean really want it, more than anything else, then you have to work for it. Refer to our article “What does it take to go pro?” for more information on that.   

DJ Dean signing his OPSMPRO Agency contract

Once the mentality is established on the field and in your everyday life, it also needs to be established at the negotiation table. OPSMPRO’s Agency branch has successfully negotiated hundreds of professional contracts in countries all around the world. Our licensed and experienced agents have orchestrated high-value contracts for the players we represent. Always making sure to look out for the best interest of our players.    

OPSMPRO players Victor Blasco & Kunle Dada-Luke celebrating their home win in the Canadian Championship with Head Agent, Godwin Addai

We work in conjunction with our vast international network of football coaches and clubs to find only the best and most suitable opportunities for the players we represent. Making sure to highlight your abilities in the markets that are attainable to you and the ones in which we could see you thriving.   

OPSMPRO Chief Agent, Godwin Addai with the MLS club, Vancouver Whitecaps

As this process goes on, it can take weeks, sometimes months, to find the right fit for a player. This means all the while we expect you to still be training with our pro trainers either in person if possible or virtually. You never know when your number will be called so it is important that you are constantly developing by staying sharp technically, tactically, physically, and mentally. All while performing up to the standard of our top OPSM athletes in addition to working on your own.     

OPSMPRO always look to keep strong and meaningful relationships with professional clubs

OPSMPRO ensures that our players get compensated fairly for the effort they put in on the field for their club, and are always looking to leverage negations so that our clients are receiving all of the perks and possible commodities attainable to them, in addition to a contract that accurately portrays their worth. Well-versed in the politics of the process, our team cares about what is best for your career as well as your safety and well-being which is why we will never push you on a move you are not comfortable with just so we can make a profit. We are here to serve YOU!    

OPSMPRO player, Antonio Carlini signing his contract with Toronto FC’s academy club Tornto FC II, who currently play within USL 1

From Start to Finish, OPSMPRO is here for you.