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Born in New York, raised in New Jersey, OPSM Professional Athlete Dantae Greer had recently conducted an interview with OPSM. He recently transferred from Michigan Stars to Fremantle City in Australia and is currently in Preseason. He has been training really hard with his new team and getting fit for the upcoming season. We wish him the best in this year ahead. Below is a brief insider of who Dantae is and all the challenges and steps he has encountered to get to the level he’s at today.

Q. Hi Dantae, Can you give us a brief background about yourself?

A. Basically, I started playing the game when I was 5 years old. I’m the only person in my family who played soccer. My dad was the person who pushed me but he had to learn the game by himself in order to help me pursue my dreams. I grew up playing in the red bull academy and played a few games with the Jamaican national team camp, and I’m here now.

Q1. Could you describe to us what challenges you’ve come across in getting to where you are today? / How were you able to overcome those challenges?


One way I was able to overcome those challenges was just staying in contact with my loved ones. Also being on top of things as far as calling them, and running down issues I’m going through. They would normally be great in helping me solve the problems I would encounter, especially my dad. I would just call him to let him know what’s going on in my head, he would give me the best advice possible he could knowing that the ball is my court and this is my life. He always made sure to put me in the best predicament to excel and that was key. Whenever I feel down or stuck I just would make a call home and that’s it, I would feel much better.

Q2. How are you liking Australia so far?/ What do you feel is the biggest difference between American and Australian soccer?

A2. Australia has been great so far, It’s just been a bit tough to adapt to the heat because it’s actually summer over here whereas at home in New York and New Jersey area it’s winter, about to be spring. That was something unexpected for me so that is a bit tough to get acclimated to but now that I’ve got used to it I can’t complain. The people here are so nice and it’s just so free and pure. It’s just such a great environment so I can’t complain at all.

I think the greatest difference between American and Australian Soccer is decision making. Here I think they try to force the ball a bit more. I know you might see a certain pass where you can play but it’s like a homerun pass whereas you can just pass a simple 5-yard pass and keep possession and keep the ball moving you know we have 90 Minutes to play and I think sometimes we just need to make the right decision and another thing would be composure. I think that Australian soccer is a lot of back and forth and a lot of fouls but back at home, I think we are just a bit more composed on the ball and that’s about it. But there’s so much talent over here definitely, eye-opening coming over here, so many ballers from all different parts of the world that ended up in Australia that can really play and it’s great to see that.

Q3. How did you end up coming to Fremantle City & how are you enjoying it so far? /What are trying to achieve this season with Fremantle City?

A3. I came to Fremantle City through OSPM, I was playing with Michigan Stars and few players were sent there from OPSM and I asked them who were your agents and they led me to the company and the rest was history. I had a bit of an injury and was healing up and as soon as I was ready I’ve reached out to OPSM. They’ve got me a deal pretty fast which was the best decision I ever made which I’m very happy and I can’t complain. Fremantle City has been great to me so far and the club and staff are amazing and the experience has been ridiculous. I mean we’re playing in a pre- season cup right now. The night series, and made it to the semi-finals so we have that match Saturday and it’s just been great and I can’t wait to see what else is to come this season. I’m looking to fill up the stat sheet and looking for at least 20 goals and 10 assists and hopefully from there, we will see the next best option.

Q4. How did OPSM services help you achieve your goals and become a professional soccer player?

A4. OPSM was great, I reached out to them while I was injured and OPSM sorted me out in a major way.  They sent me a training program for about a month worth of training and I knocked those training out every day and I did it for about 1 month and a half before I came for preseason. I came in great shape, and I identified to them my objectives told them what I wanted to do and where I’m willing to go and they made it happen and that’s it. That’s all you can ever want, you want to be a professional soccer player, find an agency and find people who are willing to help you and believe in you and make it happen. I’m so happy I made the choice to work with OPSM.

Q5. Any tips for young soccer players?

A5. I say to chase your dreams, If you want it you can get it you just have to plan properly and be ready when the opportunity comes because that’s what success is it’s preparation plus opportunity. If you want something to happen you have to eat, sleep, and drink it!  I wanted to become a professional soccer player and that’s all that was on my mind. I skipped out on a lot of parties, hanging out with friends and all that and that’s the sacrifice meaning. To drop everything in your life in order to get what you want and you’ll get the benefit in the future. Definitely, chase your dreams, be prepared and be willing to sacrifice and it will work out in your favor in the end.

Q6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

A6. That’s a tough question, as many opportunities present themselves. I just see myself playing probably in the MLS or a top league and just excelling. Working hard every day doing the things I’ve always done and even turning up a notch just to get to where I want to go and stay there. Five years from now I see myself in the MLS banging goals!

That’s all the questions we had for you. It was great talking with you today, wishing you all the best this season! Take care. 


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