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Join OPSM prospect management memberships to develop your game and receive the guidance necessary to pursue your next career goals.

Premium Prospect Membership

What the Service Includes

 OPSM Advising you on what you should do daily in terms of training, networking, and recruitment to reach your career goals.

Profile on OPSM network database

Players will be assessed and ranked on all four pillars of OPSM, Technically, Tactically, Physically & Mentally.

Full access to OPSM classes and programs.

Players will create set goals for OPSM to understand how they can help them achieve the next steps of their career.

Receive the guidance and tools to be actively networked to the OPSM database of coaches, recruiters & teams.

OPSM will recommend teams to network with that best suits the players profile when looking for that potential next team.

Players will be able to communicate by email regarding any inquiries they may have regarding their management and client journey.

Automatic acceptance to any OPSM event.

Players will receive a 25% discount to OPSM events they are registered for.

Players will get access to a personal advisor for guidance during their career management journey.

Players will have access to book a consultation call with his/her advisor every 2 weeks.

Players will get 25% discount on OPSM Highlight Services and have access to the OPSM team to help with the editing of a professional & high quality highlight video.



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