OPSM 2021 Year in Review

Written By Will Boehmer

2021 was a year of growth for so many of us, and it is no different for yours truly One Pro Sports Management. 

This year OPSM was able to travel all around North America providing opportunities for undiscovered talent everywhere we went.  

Pennsylvania, Michigan, British Columbia (Canada), Kentucky, Maryland, Tulsa, and Toronto (Canada), have all been destinations where we were able to not just host professional combines or professional development weeks, but also cultivate lifelong partnerships in the process. We have gained new family members thanks to these experiences, and helped young men and women achieve their goals of landing professional contracts.  

In 2021 we continued to learn and grow by combining the services we have come to solidify in-person, with an online presence that we are always striving to expand and optimize. Our Online Training focused on the Technical and Physical Pillars for players has been a lifesaver during some of the more isolated pandemic-stricken times the year. It also goes without saying how valuable the mental strength training we provide our players has been in helping so many members of our professional family continue to push themselves to be great every single day. The collective development of the four pillars by our staff and clients alike is all thanks to our newly designed subscription service and how it allows us to advise, train, and professionally nurture our players so they may soon become pro footballers. This subscription service has been a major development and has set the standard for the future of soccer management.  

This past year we also continued to offer management services for our high-school and college ballers. Our collegiate players were able to get back on the pitch this year and show off their skills. We are so proud to have been able to play a part in our Candian collegiate athletes’ development and placement this year and can’t wait to do the same for generations to come.  

Canadian Soccer is well on its way to becoming a power-house from the ground up, which is why in 2021 OPSM began to partner with some of the best Academies Canada has to offer. We are so excited to continue to do our part in the development and improvement of the Canadian national team’s future players. 

2021 saw a massive uptick in for OPSM’s Agency branch as well. With more and more of our players successfully developed, our company’s agency has been able to place our players all over the world at the top level. OPSM Pros have signed contracts in Europe, Scandinavia, and South and Central America as well as the US and Canada. These player placements and pro contract agreements are all thanks to our agents and intermediaries who’ve worked hard to represent and sell teams on our players quality and more importantly, their character.  

So, here’s to 2021! A year of massive improvement that will no doubt be topped by the things we have planned for this coming year so stay tuned!  

Please if you haven’t already, consider joining our family as we continue to strive to empower individuals and organizations by assisting them in their journeys of being the Benchmark talents in the soccer world. 

And make sure to sign up for one of our upcoming events! 

OneFamily, OnePro #FromStarttoFinish  

One Pro Sports Management.

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