OPSM NEXT GENERATION SERIES TOP 10 Just a kid from Ottawa: Nicholas Chateau

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OPSM isn’t just about serving professionals. It’s about serving the future professionals of the game. The OPSM Next Gen Series highlights the best youngsters under the age of 23 who are managed by OPSM. We will highlight these ten best youngsters who will be big names in the soccer world in the future week by week. The first of these youngsters will be the main feature in the story today, Nicholas Chateau…

What if I told you that a kid from Ottawa, Ontario  is going to play college soccer in America.

“He can’t be THAT good. What school is he going to?” you will say.

“He’s going division one.” I will respond.

“So. Are they even in the top 25?” you will ask me.

I will respond to that, “Yes. St. John’s University.”

Let me introduce to you one of Ottawa’s best young talents, Nicholas Chateau.

Chateau, born and raised in Ottawa, isn’t your average player. He’s extraordinary. With lighting fast past and a physical playing style that will knock you right off of your feet, Chateau is the real deal.

“I never expected that I would go to a top D1 program. I knew I was capable, I knew I had it in me. It’s just you don’t see that too often.” Chateau said about his reaction to going to St.Johns.

St.John’s plays in the loaded Big East Conference and plays against other top schools such as Seton Hall and Villanova. However, Chateau is ready to make the jump to play college soccer.

Despite it only being around a year and a half ago since the kid from Ottawa started working with OPSM, Chateau has seen tremendous strides on and off the field, “They (OPSM) helped in learning what to do when contacting colleges. They helped me train, especially during the summer I did a lot of personal training sessions with them”

OPSM has been vital in providing the opportunity of a lifetime to a kid who deserves it. Chateau has been a diamond in the rough since a young age, and OPSM’s platform has let him shine.

Chateau also has high hopes for his future career, “The end goal is to play pro. Whether that be the MLS or Europe, and with going to St. Johns I am definitely on the right track for that.” the 17-year-old said. 

The kid from Ottawa has been in a professional system for a long time now. His coach at West Ottawa Soccer Club is no other than Russell Shaw, an ex professional who is now developing some of the best talent in the great city of Ottawa.

The kid from Ottawa is a true underdog story.

Growing up in a place where going to play college soccer in America isn’t seen at all. There is nearly no direction. There is no clear route. However, Chateau didn’t let that get in his way.

With OPSM, Chateau has been able to show his talent to the world. A strong and physical player, Chateau lacks no shortage of speed and overall strength.

“I am a very quick and physical player. I think I have the combination of speed and strength that takes you off often.” Chateau said.

St. Johns is very lucky to have one of Ottawa’s finest on their squad next year. A truly humble and ambitious young player, Chateau is ready for the next step.

Remember that name for years to come.

Nicholas Chateau.

PS: Remember to stay tuned to see who is next on the OPSM Next Gen series!


Photography: Nicolas Mossop, Genevieve fleuriau Chateau.