OPSM NEXT GENERATION SERIES, TOP 10: “The Jamacian Dream” Eric Edwards

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Eric Edwards is pursuing his dream, the Jamaican dream.

Edwards is a part of OPSM’s NextGen Series, highlighting the best players under 23 that are represented by OPSM.

An exciting young keeper, Edwards grew up playing for Jamaica’s premier club, Portmore United.

He’s currently still at Portmore, just shipped out on a loan deal to Dundehloden FC for the time being.

Only 23, the goalkeeper has been playing professional soccer for three years now.

Edwards is a humble and down to earth kid that has made quite a name for himself throughout his short senior career so far. However, he’s not settled with where he’s at. Edwards is always pushing for more.

“The main goal is to become a top professional,” Eric said. He is surely on track to be one, as he’s already made an impact on the international stage with the Jamaican “Reggae Boys” u23 squad.

Eric had a great time in his experience with the Jamaican national team, something he surely did not take for granted.

“It was a great time. We went to Japan on holiday and it taught me about how open the world is. For me, it was great to have a huge away game and it taught me a lot about what it takes to become a professional.” Edwards said about his time with the national team.

Edwards came across OPSM thanks to goalkeeper for FC Tulsa, Andrew Macrae.

“I was talking to him (MacRae) after running into his page.” From there, Edwards impressed Macrae with his confident presence and undeniable skill, so MacRae decided to put him in touch with OPSM.

From there, OPSM scouts watched Edwards play and were immediately sold on his talent. On the field he provided a great presence that could translate to the professional game and off the field he was a well spoken kid with the ability to make it to the top. When OPSM saw Edwards, they knew they had a special talent on their hands.

“I want to give everything I have at becoming a professional. OPSM has helped me do that and I am going to keep working.” Edwards said about OPSM. He also talked about the welcoming environment at OPSM that made him sure it was the right place for him.

“It (OPSM) felt very comfortable, welcoming, and so far they seem very interested in me and my career,” Edwards said.

In his short senior career, Edwards has made quite a name for himself.

His extreme work ethic, his desire to win, and his humbleness all make him a talent you don’t see too often.

Edwards is only 23 and has a long road ahead of him. He knows that if he wants to succeed he has to keep his head in the game and keep on pushing.

Eric Edwards is just a kid from Jamaica, living the Jamaican dream.

This is the second highlighted in the OPSM NextGen Series. Stay tuned to find out who the next bright youngster will be!