OPSM Partners with PACWEST Academy League

Written By Will Boehmer

OPSM is happy to announce our partnership with the PACWEST Academy League in British Columbia. 

PacWest X OPSM Partnership

After a successful combine in conjunction with Pacific FC in August of 2021, OPSM was able to see first-hand just how much talent the West Pacific region has to offer. So, after some hard work hammering out details and connecting with the top partners and community leaders in the region, OPSM is excited to announce this partnership and are ready to get to work helping the PacWest Academy League flourish and serve the BC region.  

“The plan for this league is to make it unlike anything offered locally in the BC market at the moment” said Mackenzie Longpre OPSM’s President. 

“OPSM’s recent success and experience with marketing and community relations in the Ontario area are sure to translate well in BC and help take the PacWest Academy League to the next level.” 

OPSM and the PacWest Academy League are committed to making this league affordable to all players and clubs whilst still ensuring operational quality and high-intensity competition. 

“The PacWest league will have between five to seven academies competing this summer and will be looking to expand for the fall” a PacWest representative reported Wednesday.  

“This league will create opportunities for players to be seen by top colleges and professional programs thanks to OPSM’s vast network of connections that ranges throughout Candian USports, the NCAA, CPL, and even the USL and MLS.” 

OPSM’s relationships with these existing teams, track record of providing quality playing environments, and experience networking and marketing North-American wide will all be vital in helping the PacWest Academy League achieve its goal of being the premier destination for youth players in the BC region. 

We look forward to serving this community in via this Canada PacWest Academy League, and hope that all parents and young prospects in the region will consider signing up to participate this summer and beyond! 

OneFamily, OnePro #FromStarttoFinish  

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