OPSM Pro Prospects Pre-Season Update

Written By Will Boehmer

The 2022 season in Professional North-American soccer is right around the corner, and some of OPSM’s brightest prospects are in the midst of pre-season with their prospective clubs.  

Alex Cox, Solomon Constant, and Joel Quist are all working hard in Tennessee with Chattanooga Football Club. They will be hoping to make an impact for the NISA side this upcoming season.  

Cox, a native of Wittenheim France, was a force in the D2 South Atlantic Conference in 2021, netting 13 goals and 4 assists in 18 games. He was recognized as by the conference as an All-SAC First Team Forward, and by the United Soccer Coaches as an All-Region First Team player. With an eye for goal, and a real industry and appetite for playing hard on and off the ball, Cox impressed both OPSM’s Agency at the Chattanooga combine as well as CFC, earning him a trial this pre-season with the club.   

Alex Cox-Wood, was a Combine attendee who made showcase at the Chattanooga Combine

Constant, is coming off of a successful stint abroad where he was able to provide some goals and highly regarded play for third-tier Finnish side Korsnäs FF. Solomon, now back stateside, is hoping that his good form abroad can translate to the NISA this Spring as the league’s quality of play and exposure continues to increase exponentially.  

OPSM Prospect Solomon Constant

Quist, like Cox and Constant, will be looking to continue to impress the Chattanooga coaching staff this preseason so he may compete for minutes in their front line. Joel, a pacey forward with a knack for the spectacular, has impressed the OPSM Agency at a number of our different Pro Combines, earning himself Combine MVP honors at both our Pacific Combine and our Chattanooga Combine. With a CV that is full of accolades and top semi-pro clubs, Quist is poised to make an impact this season. 

OPSM Prospect, Joel Quist, has now been OPSM Combine MVP of 2 of the 3 combines he has attended.

As for our Pro Prospects on the backline, Noah Cavanaugh and Noah Henry, are also working hard this pre-season. 

Cavanaugh, is in Michigan preparing for NISA play to resume with Michigan Stars FC. A veteran leftback, Noah has played professionally in Austrillia with Rockingham City FC in 2021, and Freemantle City FC in 2019-2020. In his return to the US, Noah impressed the OPSM Agency with his physicality, composure on the ball, and tactical awareness at our Tulsa Combine in December and Chattanooga combine in January. We expect Michigan Stars to see this quality as well and know that Noah has been balling out this pre-season during his trial with the squad.     

OPSM Prospect, Noah Cavanaugh, made Showcase Game in both combines he has attended.

Henry, has been competing down in Oklahoma with FC Tulsa this pre-season. A four-time OPSM Combine attendee, Noah has come a long way from his first Pro Combine in 2020. His consistent development as a back has been a pleasure to observe for our Agency and we are happy to see his hard work paying off in the form of this trial invite. Tulsa, competing in the realigned USL Championship Eastern conference this season, will be looking to solidify their backline in order to continue the club’s success, and OPSM knows that Noah is primed for this tremendous opportunity to help them do just that.  

OSPM Prospect, Noah Henry, has been in every showcase game for every combine he has attende

Best of luck to all of our OPSM Pro trialists this pre-season! It is the players like Alex, Solomon, Joel, Noah, and Noah that make organizing our Professional Combines worthwhile. 

OPSM Prospects, Joel Quist & Solomon Prospect, Getting ready for their trial with Chattanooga FC

And YOU could be next! Make sure to always keep an eye out for OPSM’s next combine as it could be coming to a city near you.  

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Click to view Joel Quist’s profile on the OPSM database: https://www.opsmpro.com/player/joel-quist/

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Click to view Solomon Constant’s profile on the OPSM database: https://www.opsmpro.com/player/solomon-constant/

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