OPSM x Ottawa Blizzards Soccer Academy

Written By Will Boehmer

OPSM is excited to announce our latest partnership with the Ottawa Blizzards Soccer Academy.

OPSM X OBSA Partnership

“OBSA has been doing great work in our local community for some time now” said OPSM President Mackenzie Longpre. “As we have been readying ourselves to begin play with Ottawa Rising FC this coming season, we thought it would be a good idea to partner with a local organization that is established in our area so we can further cement our place as the organization in Ottawa that players should want to play for and be a part of.” 

Ottawa Blizzards Soccer Academy CEO and President Xavi Jean-Charles has come a long way from simply organizing sessions with his mates after school. 

“OBSA started with just a couple friends getting some work in when we could, but as time went on, we began to get more and more numbers, and really started to serve a community of players who had a desire to improve their game. 

OBSA Team Photo 2021/2022

Now OBSA is a recognizable brand and organization in the Ottawa-Gatineau community, and thanks to Xavi and the rest of OBSA’s dedicated members and colleagues, they now have a pathway in place for their players with professional aspirations. 

“Aligning with OPSM is huge for us because we now have an organization to collaborate with that our players can lean on if and when they want to pursue playing abroad or in the professional ranks. Having a globally known organization now working with us adds a level of credibility and recognition to OBSA that we didn’t have before. Our players now know that if they put the work in and grind every day to improve themselves and work together in a team environment, they can make a career out playing if they so desire.” 

OBSA Academy

“When you hear about OPSM you think that they are just some big agency or that they don’t have time for you, but I was pleasantly surprised at how willing they were to work with us. It was great to know that even though they are serving players at the professional level, they also care about developing players and giving back to the community as well,” said Xavi. 

OBSA Team Photo 2021

OPSM could not be more excited to be working with the Ottawa Blizzards Soccer Academy, and are look forward to helping all of the players we serve transcend and improve!

For more information on the club, or any of OPSM’s services or events, contact us at [email protected] 

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