Ottawa Pro Sports Management is now One Pro Sports Management

Written By Will Boehmer

OPSM is excited to announce that moving forward we will be going by One Pro Sports Management. 

This change will not affect our current clients and its primary goal is to better enhance our consumer experience and appeal.    

New OPSM Brand Logo Going Foward

Since OPSM’s inception in 2017 our audience of clients has grown worldwide. In the beginning OPSM was happy to have a positive impact on our local community of soccer players in Ottawa, but over the course of the last five years our reach has grown. We are no longer serving just our local community but rather an international one. Our representatives have traveled all over North America, hosting camps, connecting with clubs, and spreading our culture of optimism, hard-work, and determination throughout the continent. Our online reach has allowed us to connect with players from Africa, South and Central America, and all across Europe. This meteoric rise left us thinking how we have been presenting ourselves, leading us to a central idea that we need to be present ourselves moving forward as One.  

As our Company has grown and our executives have traveled, we have come to realize how similar we all are. All of our clients are looking to achieve the same goals and all of our club affiliates are looking to provide the same service: Professional Transcendence. In the end we are all One collective and know that the power of One can be so powerful.  

All new Gear WIll be having the new brand logo as well

One Pro Sports Management strives to inspire the next generation of athletes on an international stage. We are no longer just from Ottawa, and we are no longer just a sports management agency, but rather a collective One inspired to make an impact on the world of sport.  

This change of identity comes in order to shift OPSM within the market place. We plan to make sure that One Pro Sports Management is seen as the benchmark for professional consulting services and social responsibility throughout North America. 

One Pro Sports Management Brand Full Logo

We hope that if you haven’t already you will consider becoming a part of our company’s family.  

One Family #FromStarttoFinish  

One Pro Sports Management.

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