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Callan Elliot.

That’s all you have to remember. 

‘Callan’ then ‘Elliot’. It’s as simple as that.

And you know what’s not so simple?

Becoming a professional soccer player. Let alone becoming a professional soccer player at twenty years of age.

However, Callan Elliot, the man from Scotland who moved to New Zealand at a young age did just that.

You see, Callan Elliot isn’t like most kids.

Sure, he likes to have fun and hang out with friends, but Callan Elliot has a fire that burns inside him when he steps on the pitch.

He has a classy way of playing, a style that is so nice to the eye. A style that you cannot hate. Callan Elliot is a must-watch player.

A technical and calm player that can see the field in ways others can’t, as described by Elliot himself, the New Zealander now plays for A-League side Wellington Phoenix.

“It’s great. I’m enjoying my game at the moment and I just want to keep improving,” Elliot said.

However, it wasn’t so easy to become a pro for the kid from New Zealand.

Growing up in a relatively smaller country, it took long and tough hours for Elliot to get where he now is.

“I played for Tasman United (New Zealand Football Championship side)… and played alongside Paul Iffil. Paul is a great guy who has helped me get to where I am,” Elliot said about his mentor, Paul Iffil.

While with Tasman United, Elliot met Godwin Addai of OPSM and recently joined the OPSM squad. 

After a few years with Tasman United, Elliot made the much-anticipated move to Australian A-League side Wellington Phoenix and is set to become an integral part in their fantastic side.

Elliot talked about his future plans as a professional footballer, stating, “My main goal is to keep improving and be the top professional I can possibly be.”

For a kid who is so humble, Elliot has achieved a lot.

The kid from New Zealand was an integral piece in the New Zealand Youth National Team that played at the World Cup. And when the pressure was the most on Elliot, he remained cool and calm, showing his class when it all mattered most.

The World Cup is an experience not many people experience, and at a young age, Elliot has done that. He put on the kit with pride and represented the All Whites in front of a packed out South Korean crowd.

While in the FIFA U-20 World Cup, Elliot was the presence and spark on the field that New Zealand needed. 

The young All-Whites team played against three tough opponents in the likes of France, Honduras, and Vietnam. After drawing with Vietnam to get a point, Elliot and New Zealand trashed Honduras 3-1 while losing to France 2-0.

Elliot being the versatile, gritty, and the technical player he is helped see New Zealand onwards to the Round of 16 where they fell to the Stars and Stripes of the United States of America, 6-0.

Although the Round of 16 result may have not gone their way, Elliot showed out at the 2019 U-20 World Cup which was a big reason why he later signed with A-League side, Wellington Phoenix.

When the lights shine brightest, Elliot shines even brighter.

All of this goes to show how at a young age, Elliot has done what most people can only dream of doing.

Why is this? You may all ask.

I’ll tell you why and I’ll do it right now.

Callan Elliot has the mamba mentality. When he dreams of doing something, he goes out and does it. He works harder than others. He will work longer hours at the fields, in the gym. He will listen to the advice that is given to him. That’s why Callan Elliot is so special and truly a player to look for.

With this being said, Callan Elliot has the attributes you want in a professional.

Determination, persistence, the professional mindset, and skill.

To put in context on what I just said, Callan Elliot has it.

Callan Elliot is the it.

Callan Elliot is the future.

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