The Tank: Samuel Camacho 

By Chris Dailey 

Throughout his career, Samuel has enjoyed stints at many different Finnish clubs. From FC Kuuysi to Kemi Kings to TP-47, amongst a few others, Samuel has enjoyed experiences at a fair share of clubs.

Samuel Mahlamaki Camacho is a 26 year old left-back, is an OPSM represented talent that has enjoyed a lot of success in Europe with FC KTP in Finland, and for Samuel, this is just the beginning.

However, this past season, the 5’11 left-back enjoyed his most successful season to date, as he helped FC KTP earn promotion to the first division of Finnish football, better known as the Veikkausliiga from the Ykkonen. 

FC KTP, a historic team in Finland, was founded in 1927 and have won the first division twice, going back to back in 1951 and 1952. It has been the Ykkonen title that has long alluded the club.

KTP finished runners up in 2014 and 2020, and thanks to Samuel and a great run from the group of players they assembled, they finally lifted the trophy in 2022, sending them back to the top flight of football.

“The season was unforgettable. We trained very hard this year and the coaches were very clear all the time on how we want to play and the players were ready to do it, I think that was very important. We had a great spirit the whole season inside the team which also helped us a lot. We were ready to do everything together as a team,” said Camacho.

It’s apparent, Camacho is a team player. Somebody that embodies what it means to put the team first and he carries that from the training ground to the pitch.

Camacho described himself as a player, stating, “As a player, I am someone who never gives up and I’m always ready to improve. I would describe myself as a player who has a good left football, is physical, and never gives up.”

A coaches dream, Camacho is ecstatic to see FC KTP have their eyes now set on the Veikkausliiga title where he will compete against clubs such as Haka, HJK, and most notably, his former club, VPS.

It was at VPS where Camacho was introduced to fellow VPS player, Jeff Addai. The two hit it off and Camacho was introduced to OPSM, which he credits to the success he has had as a player since then.

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