The Trinbagonian Jorge Mendes: Sean Cooper

By Chris Dailey

Trinidad and Tobago — home of the soccer team that beat the USMNT to prevent them from qualifying for the 2018 World Cup.

T&T is also the home of OPSM’s new agent, Sean Cooper.

Cooper, a professional soccer player himself, is no dummy to the game.

In fact, Cooper is one of the smartest soccer and business minds you will ever meet.

“At 14, I was at a semi-pro side called Footgolf. That’s where I really learned my trade and developed my technique,” OPSM’s new agent said about the beginning of his soccer career, “There (footgolf), I developed a professional mindset both on and off the pitch.”

That professional mindset led him to play for Saint Anthony’s College in Trinidad and it was there at St. Anthony’s when Cooper’s career propelled into stardom.

Due to the population of Trinidad & Tobago (roughly the same size as Dallas, Texas), and word about Cooper spread like wildfire.

“I blossomed at Saint Anthony’s and then the national team took notice… then, everybody knows about you. All the media wants to know you, all the villages know you, everybody knows who you are,” Cooper said.

Following college, Cooper received high praise from many European scouts who had come to watch the phenomenal, goal-scoring, hair-raising, Sean Cooper play.

And they were impressed.

Thus, after contemplating what country to go to, Cooper decided to go to Portugal due to it’s similar climate to Trinidad and because many other Trinidad players of that past had gone to Portugal to play.

While doing all of this, Cooper was producing with the Trinidad youth national teams, banging in goals for his country.

The Trinbagonian’s move to Europe proved to be successful as it carved out a nice path for Cooper to follow throughout his career and all the countries he would travel to.

These countries include the likes of Suriname and Brazil amongst others.

While traveling through these countries playing for teams such as Walking Boyz Co, SV Transvaal, and Grenades FC, Cooper has built a tremendous amount of connections thanks to his professional attitude and undeniable work ethic.

Throughout his long and storied professional career which is coming to a close following this upcoming season, Cooper has realized that it was in his best interest to become an agent, not a coach.

“What led me to become an agent is that I didn’t want to coach. I don’t have the patience for coaching the youth of today,” Cooper said with a laugh, “My mom always used to ask me ‘what do I want to be when you finish playing?’ I never knew… but I saw all these lies kids were being told by ‘agents’ and that made me want to become an agent, to help out and give them an opportunity.”

Overall, Cooper enjoyed the business side of the game, and being an agent was something that sparked his interest. With that decision being made, Cooper has dedicated himself to becoming the Trinbagonian Jorge Mendes. 

“Jorge Mendes is the most powerful agent in the world. I want to be the Jorge Mendes for all of the talent here in Trinidad,” Cooper stated.

The professional player turned agent is well on his way to doing so after recently joining Ottawa Pro Sports Management where he becomes a top agent in one of North America’s most prestigious agencies. OPSM represents the likes of Matthew Sheldon, Ryan Lindsay, and Victor Blasco.

A humble guy, Cooper is set on doing whatever it takes to make sure the youth in Trinidad are in good hands for the future.

“There are some agents who are all about the money. I don’t want to be that. I want to be different. I want to be the guy that parents send their kids off too because they know they’re in good hands with me,” Cooper stated.

Although on paper, Cooper is new to the world of being an agent, he’s been helping players get connected to professional clubs for years.

Many players have gone for him looking for contacts. In fact, many people have recently told Cooper, “you should’ve taken this opportunity a long time ago.

For now, Cooper’s goal is to become the most influential agent in Trinidad while alongside the fantastic crew at OPSM led by Jeff and Godwin Addai.

Currently, in his final professional season, Cooper’s primary focus is now on being an agent and will help OPSM grow and expand to several other markets!

Stay tuned for who Sean Cooper brings along to OPSM and the moves he makes! A game-changing hire for OPSM, the company is moving strong!

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