Behind the OPSM Family

How It All Started

Established in Ottawa, Canada in 2017, the newly branded One Performance Sports Management (OPSM Pro) is a family owned initiative predicated on providing high-calibre management services to Athletes from all over the world. Brothers, and Co-Founders, Godwin & Jeff Addai, built the company from the ground-up, using old friendships and an ever evolving network of partners to cement a solid position within the North American Football Market.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist athletes in fulfilling their dreams by helping them through the process of reaching their goals and the next steps of their careers.

Our Values





The Movement

In a relatively short-time OPSM has conducted a long list of success stories, with current members applying their trades in collegiate, semi pro, and professional institutions across Canada, America, Finland, Sweden, England, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.

All In One Solution

Hundreds of members use our all in one management platform to be guided on how to develop their Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental soccer skills while being provided pathways tailored to our members’ goals.

Building Communities

OPSM also champions community outreach initiatives. We provide underserved youth in the communities we operate in with opportunities in high level sport. We are leaders in our community, and strive to use our platform to benefit those less fortunate than ourselves. We are passionate about Football, and equally, remain determined to use Football as a means of serving all those who share our passion for the Sport.