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OPSM is excited to announce a strategic partnership with brain supplement company, Brain Armor.

Brain Armor is a world-class supplement company, providing athletes with a cutting-edge approach that shines a bright-light on their cognitive performance.

Rather than taking an uninformed approach to supplements, Brain Armor emphasizes transparency; athletes should find out their base levels of O3, O6, DHA/EPA, and inflammation markers before supplementation. 

“The difference between our product and other Omega 3 products on the market is significant.

First off, OPSM athletes and any athletes who use our products are encouraged to start their journey with us by understanding what their base levels (O3, O6, DHA/EPA, and inflammation markers) are before they start. How many other supplement companies out there recommend this? None. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. The same approach that OPSM takes with the development of their athletes,” stated Brain Armor VP of Elite Sport Partnerships, Rob Pallante. 

With the partnership, OPSM athletes will have full access to Brain Armor supplements.

These are the same supplements used by many professional athletes around the world, specifically in the NFL, as Brain Armor is noted by consumers for enhancing cognitive ability on and off the field. 

Not only does Brain Armor have the most potent plant-based 2 to 1 ratio of Omega-3 DHA/EPA on the market, all of their formulations contain Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and MCT Oil. They have the only brain health supplement that combines this proprietary all in one formulation.

“I can tell you that since taking Brain Armor my omega-3 index has improved greatly, and has my memory. I’m pleased to endorse this product,” said NFL legend and former Oklahoma congressman, Steve Largent, as seen on the Brain Armor website. 

Brain Armor’s natural resources provide a new take on brain supplements.

These resources derived from algae are like none other on the market and are vegan and keto friendly. 

“Typically, Omega 3’s have been derived from fish oil. The fish eat the algae, and we harness the oil from the fish we catch after they’ve consumed the algae. The challenge recently has been in the safety and sustainability of said fish oils for the purpose of Omega-3’s. The oceans are being overfished, which has led to a shortage of sustainable Omega-3’s thus leading to an increased demand and increase in price. At Brain Armor, we cut out the middleman (the fish) and we grow the algae in closed fermenters under sterile conditions approved by the FDA,” stated Pallante.

All of these facts cultivate a world-class product, and OPSM is thrilled to be able to give their talents of both today and tomorrow the chance to capitalize on these resources being provided.

OPSM’s four pillars when recruiting and developing players are the technical aspect, tactical aspect, physical aspect, and at the hierarchy of them all, the mental aspect. Without having a strong ability to control and operate the mind, athletes’ talents will fade away. A strong and healthy mind results in strong players.

Alongside Brain Armor, OPSM now plans to enhance the minds of their players to an even higher level than before.

“These cornerstones and the forward thinking vision of Jeff, Godwin, and the entire OPSM team align well with the vision and mission of Brain Armor which is to help make better human beings,” said Pallante.

Being sharp on and off the pitch is vital. The intensity and speed at which the sport of soccer is played at as the level of competition increases is rampant. 

With Brain Armor, the brain will be able to process quicker and make athletes more alert on the pitch.

A clear brain allows athletes to maximize their potential, which is the ultimate goal of OPSM.

Maximizing potential.

The potential of this partnership is limitless.

With clinical research to back the product, Brain Armor is making waves in the brain-supplement industry. They are swiftly becoming one of the most trusted and used brain-supplements in the world, specifically within the realm of sports.

OPSM, meanwhile, are continuing to grow their reach each day. From representing professional soccer players all around the world to operating the premier account for North American youth soccer, OPSM are making waves on all levels.

The partnership between the two will help OPSM athletes skyrocket to new levels while also introducing Brain Armor to soccer players from all around the world. These two precedents are invaluable for both sides.

To learn more about the Brain Armor supplement, visit . The website provides testimonials, research, and education on the supplement and the functions of the brain.

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