Our professional showcases give players the opportunity to get discovered by professional coaches, scouts and the OPSM Agency.

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Athlete Event Sucesses

All athletes pictured were identified at an OPSM event and later placed in a team that best suited their skillset.

  • Pro Combines
    NAME: Nicholas Pechenyi
    POSITION: Forward
    ATTENDED: Michigan Summer Transfer Window Pro Showcase 2022
    SIGNED: Michigan Starts FC
  • Pro Combines
    NAME: Omar Hussein
    POSITION: Center Back
    ATTENDED: Ottawa & Toronto Pro Showcase 2022
    SIGNED: SG Johannesberg
  • Pro Combines
    NAME: Solomon Costant
    POSITION: Forward
    ATTENDED: Louisville & Tulsa Pro Showcase 2021
    SIGNED: Sporting Kristina
  • Pro Combines
    NAME: Austin Wormell
    POSITION: Goolkeeper
    ATTENDED: Tulsa Pro Showcase 2021
    SIGNED: Tulsa FC
  • Pro Combines
    NAME: Sherwin Emmanuel
    POSITION: Center Defensive Midfielder
    ATTENDED: Toronto Pro Showcase 2022
    SIGNED: Sporting Kinstina

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