Article Written by Chris Dailey

Dr. Omar Saharoui has been a vital member of OPSM management. With heaps of experience in the field of sports, Dr. Omar brings cutting-edge knowledge to the OPSM team.

Currently, Dr. Omar has just been appointed as the head physiotherapist for the Algerian National Team. The Algerian National team produced talents such as the likes of Riyad Mahrez and Youcef Belalli. 

“As I said before, a physiotherapist in a soccer team is responsible for preventing and treating injuries, optimizing performance, and helping players recover from injuries. They work with the team’s coaching staff and medical team to develop injury prevention and rehabilitation programs, as well as provide immediate treatment for injuries during games and training sessions. Secondly, this will give me a chance to get into the international market,” said Dr. Omar regarding his new role. 

Dr. Omar will work alongside OPSM to assist OPSM represented players in keeping them fit. 

Dr. Omar talked about what his role with OPSM entails, stating, “My greatest thanks return first to the OPSM management Team to be part of their big professional institution as Doctor Physiotherapist working directly with professional soccer players to keep them fit, healthy, and performing at their best. In other ways, OPSM Pro helped me and believed in me to perform my knowledge through the process of reaching my goals to the next steps of my new international career.” 

Dr. Omar brings a wealth of knowledge to the OPSM team in both the management position and to the players who will learn under his strong guidance.

Dr. Omar is passionate about his role and has envisioned being where he is today from the time he was a young boy. With a passion for science, Dr. Omar always had in mind his goal to be a doctor in sports one day.

“From a very young age, science has been my passion. For many years, I envisioned myself growing up to be a scientific researcher. However, my interest in research turned to Physiotherapy and especially these last years focusing more on sports injuries as my hobby is soccer,” said Dr. Omar. 

With a love for sports and extensive education and experience in the field of clinical interests and physiotherapy, Dr. Omar is an impressive addition to the ever growing OPSM team and will be a huge help to the development of young players under the OPSM system across North America.

Although stationed in Algeria with the National Team, Dr. Omar is spreading his passion and knowledge for physiotherapy around the world, and OPSM is grateful to bring on such a talented doctor to their management team.