Edgar Rodriguez, an emerging defender from the Earthquakes Academy

Just a few short weeks ago, Edgar Rodriguez was listed as one of OPSM Soccer’s top MLS Next talents to watch after his performances with San Jose Earthquakes Academy in the 2023-24 season.  

Only 15 years old, Rodriguez possesses a sense of calmness on the pitch that is admirable for his age. While calm and decisive with the ball, there is also a certain conviction about Rodriguez’s play-style.Rodriguez knows what he wants to do when he gets the ball and he does just that. As a centre back, Rodriguez is sure about himself and his abilities – a trait coaches long for at the youth level.

“I describe my play style as an athletic centre back, because my speed and agility help me a lot,” said Rodriguez, “I think I’m also a smart player. I can pick out a lot of nice long balls, my timing is great, and it’s hard to beat me in a 1v1. I organize myself very well and lead my backline.”

Rodriguez has been turning heads the past year and a half largely due to the attributes he listed. Many scouts have noted Rodrgiuez for his ability to get out of tough situations, technical ability, and confident composure. 

Other scouting reports have complimented Rodriguez’s natural athleticism and quick decision making. 

For Rodriguez, soccer is all he’s ever known. It runs in his family. He’s been able to take his natural love for the sport and run with it.

“I was introduced to soccer by my Dad who took me to watch many soccer games when I was younger and as we would watch, he would explain the game to me. From that moment I just wanted to play. What is there to not love about soccer,” stated Rodriguez.

His passion for the sport is crystal clear and destined to take him to further heights.

“When I’m playing, I feel like I belong there. It’s a sport I understand and play very well,” said Rodriguez.

At 15, he’s been able to make great waves throughout the youth soccer community but his career is still young. There is a lot more development to be made and he’s making the right choices to put himself on the best trajectory possible. 

It’s clear that Rodriguez is on the right path. Rodriguez is at an up and coming academy of the San Jose Earthquakes – who are silently producing stars. Rodriguez is just one of them, and has his sights set on professional soccer.

“My goal is to become a professional but I understand this career is a hard one so if that doesn’t happen I would like to play soccer for a great college one day,” voiced Rodriguez.

“I’m very excited and thankful for the opportunity to join OPSM. I feel blessed to now be part of this great agency and group of people that I trust will guide me in the right path.” 

OPSM is thrilled to welcome Rodriguez to the OPSM Family and guide him in his career. From player representation to assisting with brand management, OPSM will be by Rodriguez’s side helping him in his soccer journey from here on out.

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