Ottawa Summer Residency

Date: July 2-16, 2024

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

OPSMPRO is thrilled to announce our Summer Residency program in Ottawa for 2024. Our residency program presents an exciting opportunity for players to demonstrate their abilities in front of our agency and improve their skill set. Throughout the two-week program, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of each player’s technical, tactical, physical, and mental performance. Additionally, we will showcase how we provide players with the best possible experience, including living as a professional footballer, daily training, technical analysis, individual performance reviews, and more. This is an opportunity you simply cannot afford to miss!

Please fill out the application form below, as OPSM will be selecting the top players from the applications and personal invitations. 

If any public restrictions do not allow the residency to take place, it will be rescheduled to a later date.


With our program, you will receive:

  • Exhibition games 
  • OPSM Training Gear
  • 5 to 6 training sessions a week
  • Housing, Food, and Transportation
  • Networking opportunities
  • OPSMPro Player assessment
  • Access to all Game Footage and Media Content
  • Showcase yourself in front of the OPSMPRO Agency
  • Develop through OPSM 4 Pillars (Technical, Tactical, Physical & Mental)


*Apply now for access to Early Bird Pricing, upon registration, ending April 30th, 2024!*
Summer Residency Ottawa 24 | OPSM Appl. (#55)

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