frequently asked questions

Visit the memberships tab on and choose your pathway. Here you can review all that is in the memberships. From there once you purchase you will start to begin building your profile, and informing the team on your career goals. Once completed we’ll reach out to you on the next steps.

OPSM actively scouts and identifies opportunities for our Agency’s players all over the world. Interested players can submit their CV and video to be showcased on our website by signing up for the Pro Pathway Membership. If our Agency thinks you have what it takes, we will personally suggest you to our connections in hopes we can find a team willing to offer you a Professional Contract.


OPSM offers both premium and basic collegiate pathway memberships. Check out the perks to these two different memberships under the services tab titled Collegiate Services.


It depends on the player, current market, and what teams are looking for at that time. If you continue to work hard with our OPSM pro development programs, we will monitor your improvement and advise you best we can over time. OPSM always works tirelessly to find Pro opportunities for our athletes so trust that if you are ready and the time is right, that our dedicated advisors will find trials and placements where you can prove that you deserve a contract.

If you and our Agency Team feel as if you are ready to make the pro jump within a calendar year then we suggest the premium package.


If you opt for the Standard Package, you will get weekly emails of your daily management plan and updates on your online performance sessions. You will also receive weekly updates on the networking of your profile to coaches, recruiters, and teams.


Our Peak-Performance Trainers are the best in the business at providing football specific physical and technical coaching. Even in an online space, OPSM’s dedicated and results-achieving staff can help curate programs for footballers that build physical attributes and technical abilities more effectively than any other online trainers can. What makes us different in this space is our ability to hold our athletes accountable, our experience in effective online training, and our track record of finding pro contracts for players that have purchased our online memberships.       

Start living like a pro. This means doing all of the things that a professional footballer’s lifestyle would entail. Getting good rest and recovery, eating right, hanging out with the right people, watching football, and anything else you can think of that would be beneficial to your physical, mental, and emotional health that will lead to your goal of achieving a pro contract.

OPSM is the standard when it comes to guiding the development for elite up-and-coming footballers. We seek to maximize a player’s potential with the four pillars of development (Technical, Tactical, Mental, and Physical) in hopes of providing that player the necessary framework needed to turn them into Full-blown Pros. Our motto is From Start to Finnish, and we promise to hold true to it as long as you hold true to us.