From Prospect to Pro: Omar Hussein

Written By Will Boehmer

From a teetering semi-pro in Toronto to a towering Professional Centerback in Finland, Omar Hussein has come a long way since joining OPSM’s management services this year.

Omar, 26, was ready to make the jump to play professional football, leading him to attend one of OPSM’s Ottawa Collegiate Combine back in March.

It’s safe to say Omar was probably not the combine’s average attendee. A College graduate with a degree in Sports Management from Humber College, and a short collegiate playing career at George Brown in Toronto back in 2017, Omar’s collegiate playing days were behind him unlike his 18 year old combine counterparts. Nevertheless, Omar had a good combine and was able to get some footage of his game.

Seeing Omar’s promise, OPSM invited him to come train with OPSM the following week as we prepared for the Ottawa Total Pro Camp.

After a week of OPSM’s signature high-level training and development of the four-pillars of performance, Omar, like all Total Pro attendees, was given a player assessment.

Our staff told him that the next six months were crucial to his development. He would either make the jump to being a Professional during this period, or it might never happen.

Omar took their words seriously and decided to subscribe to OPSM’s Premium Prospect Membership Plan in April. This allowed access to online training with our experienced staff of trainers, and daily management with an assigned football advisor. Omar utilized these services while he was back home in Toronto training on his own. 

Omar was grinding, From the time he returned home in Toronto, until he was ready to travel to Pennsylvania for another OPSM combine in May, he was attending OPSM’s technical zoom sessions, mental strength seminars with OPSM’s Peak Performance Coach Jason Teale, and taking full advantage of his OPSM management subscription all while still pushing himself even when no one was watching.

At OPSM’s Allentown Combine, Omar impressed amongst the 60+ combine attendee’s earning himself a starting Centerback spot in the Showcase game where he put in a performance that proved to be the standard going forward for him. Omar is sturdy, smart, commanding, and decisive as an Anchor to his team’s backline.

He continued this theme at OPSM’s Michigan Pro Combine in June. “Omar was the best defender at the combine, no question” said OPSM Event Coordinator Eddie Ruchugo. Eddie was right, so right in fact that Omar even generated some interest from NISA Professional Team Michigan Stars, but the interest fell through. 

Omar Hussein at the OPSM Michigan Pro Combine

After the Michigan Combine, Omar went back to Toronto and continued to train hard as OPSM started to seriously market him to their connections.

Eventually, one of OPSM’s Finnish Club contacts presented his CV and had serious interest. Korsnäs FF wanted to bring him over for a Trial. OPSM told the news to Omar and he was on the first flight to Finland.

“After paying for the $130 program for only 3 months I was off to Finland with an understanding that I was going to be signing.“ Said Omar

Omar has come a long way since March and he has settled into his cozy town so far and said the team and locals have been very welcoming. 

“I played in one match already and we tied 1-1. It was raining but there was still a healthy amount of fans in attendance. There is only one grocery store in my small town though and when I went the other day they recognized me and told me I played a good game.”

“It is definitely a little different than what I’m used to, coming from Toronto there are millions of people around to now only like 2,000 some people.”

“But I am enjoying it, focusing on my football. What more could you ask for.”

“I’m grateful for the opportunity that OPSM has helped cultivate for me, and I’m happy to see all of my hard work payoff in the form of a pro opportunity.”

OPSM is proud of Omar and grateful for all of our players who trust us enough to bring us aboard in trying to help them fulfill their dreams as Professional Footballers.

Omar is a great example of how hard work and perseverance combined with our experienced management team and vast network can help YOU achieve your dreams of landing a professional contract too!

From Start to Finish!

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