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Ryan Linsday.

That’s all you need to remember.

Ryan, then Lindsay.

Who is Ryan Lindsay?

Why I am glad you asked.

Ryan Lindsay is one of Canada’s most promising talents who currently plays abroad for GNK Dinamo Zagreb.

That’s the same club that produced Champions League winner, World Cup finalist, and Ballon D’or winner, Luca Modric.

Lindsay is also the next talent featured in OPSM’s NextGenSeries, highlighting the best u23 talents represented by OPSMPRO.

Lindsay grew up in the Ottawa area and played hockey as a youngster. However, when he touched a soccer ball for the first time at the young age of eight, there was no turning back from there.

Lindsay possesses a talent at a young age that you simply cannot teach.

The talent of hard work.

“As a kid, I’d be outside just playing (soccer) for 6 hours a day,” Lindsay said.

Those hours added up over the years and have paid off, as he is now a superstar in the making.

After spending the majority of his youth career playing with Ottawa South United, and West Ottawa Soccer Club Lindsay did something most people wouldn’t do.

Move to Portugal.

He didn’t move to Portugal just to live there.

Lindsay moved to Portugal to play for SG Sacavenense.

Backed by OPSM, Lindsay and Godwin Addai (owner of OPSM) set out to Portugal to help Lindsay grow as a player.

“It was difficult in the sense that I was leaving everything I knew. I was also excited because I knew that’s what I do.”

The perseverance, the mindset, the jump across the sea, all something you would see in a movie.

However, this is no movie.

This is the Ryan Lindsay story.

In Portugal, the young Canadian learned a lot.

Lindsay talked about what Portugal taught him, stating, “Technically, I felt good and better than the rest of the kids but tactically, I felt behind. North America is so much different so it was so important to get exposed to the style of play over there (Portugal) at a younger age.”

Although Lindsay had a great time and learned a lot in Portugal, he couldn’t play official matches due to the fact he (Lindsay) didn’t obtain a European passport.

I know what you’re thinking right now, “The movie gets better. A plot twist!”

It may seem like a plot twist, but it turned out to be a great lesson and experience for the OPSM talent.

After a year in Portugal, Lindsay moved back home to Canada to play with the Toronto FC Academy.

Lindsay talked about the differences between Portugal and Canada, “The game in Portugal was a little bit quicker, but it was honestly quite similar. All the players are technical and it’s all very similar.”

The time in Toronto was brief because a new opportunity awaited the young star.

A youth contract with Dinamo Zagreb, one of Europe’s most popular teams. Producing star players like Luca Modric, Mateo Kovacic, and Dejan Lovern.

“It was a dream come true (signing with Dinamo Zagreb). Playing with one of the best youth teams in all of Europe… In the quarterfinals of the UEFA Youth League, we are in the quarterfinals against Benfica. We’ve knocked out teams like Bayern Munich, Man City, and Dynamo Kiev.” Lindsay said about signing with Dinamo Zagreb.

Many many are phased when playing against global clubs such as Bayern Munich, but not Lindsay.

In fact, Lindsay gets excited when he sees he’s playing against some of the world’s best, showing the amazing mindset he has.

“It’s exciting, it’s just fun, to be honest. Living your dream” Lindsay said.

As of now, Ryan Lindsay is waiting to see if Dinamo Zagreb wants to sign him on a professional deal.

If the deal works and is put to paper, he will join talents like Alphonso Davies, Johnathan David, and Liam Miller as one of the young Canadian’s playing in a top league abroad.

For now, the grind doesn’t stop for Ryan Lindsay.

Always improving his craft, working when others don’t.

A very technical and calm player as said by Lindsay himself, Ryan Lindsay is truly one for the future.

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