OPSM and SoccerViza Announce Partnership

Article Written by Chris Dailey

OPSM and SoccerViza have announced an exclusive partnership that will see the two cutting-edge companies in the world of North American soccer work together to help take top-level talents to the next level.

SoccerViza are a pioneer of the industry having been hosting professional combines

since its founding. The company has a history of over 350 players placed into professional team including USL Championship star Zac Lubin and Josque Soto who signed for Liga MX club, Quertaro F.C.

The partnership will entail the two companies collaborating further on combined opportunities. SoccerViza will attend all OPSM combines this fall and invite players into their professional-development team based out of Costa Rica, SoccerViza FC.

OPSM will also help represent SoccerViza players, assist in player-pathways, and scout at professional complexes.

The wide-reach of OPSM alongside the expertise of SoccerViza creates an exciting partnership that will change the game for professional prospects in the United States and Canada.

“We are absolutely thrilled about our partnership with OPSM,” said SoccerViza founder, Joe Funicello, “The founders of OPSM have been a part of the SoccerViza family for a considerable time, and we are aligned in our vision of discovering hidden talent within the soccer world. With the vast and well-connected networks that both OPSM and SoccerViza possess, we believe this partnership will create numerous opportunities for players to be recognized and showcased on a platform that can launch their careers.”

The SoccerViza strategy is straightforward, identifying the most talented players and help take them to the top. Alongside OPSM, this process will become much greater in the near future.

The two sides are eager to work with one another and prove to make for a great pathway for players looking to take their careers to the next level.

“I am excited to start this new partnership with OPSM as they are one of the best in the industry. I respect them as an organization a lot and look forward to learn from them and to having great success together with players who want to reach the next level,” stated the current Director of SoccerViza, Cecilia Lihv.

From opportunities with SoccerViza FC and the professional developmental system they provide in Costa Rica to the combines and outreach that OPSM have done very well at growing rapidly throughout their time, this is an exciting moment for soccer in North America.

 OPSM has grown to become well-known on social media under the account @opsmsoccer in which they highlight the youth soccer scene in North America and cover the best up and coming talents.

The social media page coincided with OPSM’s agency in which they represent players, helping land them professional contracts and being the mediator between the clubs and players.

Opportunities are scarce in the American soccer scene and the two sides aim to put an end to that.

OPSM and SoccerViza will be sure to scout some of the next big names in North American soccer and give players a chance to be seen that otherwise would’ve never had such an opportunity.

“As a company built by underdogs, for underdogs, we are committed to giving players a real chance. Not to blow smoke, but to truly give them a chance if they are good enough,” said Joe Funicello.

To follow along with OPSM’s combine information, please visit www.opsmpro.com/events/pro-combines/ .

To learn more about SoccerViza and what they aim to do, visit https://www.soccerviza.com/