Welcome Aboard, Taylor Benjamin 

Article Written by Chris Dailey

Taylor Benjamin is a former professional soccer player from Etobicoke, Ontario, and a Guyana International, and has now just been named the Manager of Athlete Development with OPSM.

Benjamin spent his playing days in Canada, before traveling to Trinidad & Tobago and Germany before finally hanging up the boots. A successful midfielder, Benjamin’s talent on the pitch saw him playing for the Guyana National Team. 

“I’m a former professional and international soccer player who has traveled, competed, and coached abroad in North America, South America, the Caribbean, and Europe,” said Benjamin on the general overview of his career and where he’s been.

With a diverse background and immersing himself in many cultures throughout his career, Benjamin is sure to bring a unique view to his new role as Manager of Athlete Development.

“As the manager of Athlete Development at OPSM, I am honored with the opportunity to engage, empower, and enhance the overall performances of Athletes, through the provision of superior tools, environments, and resources that serve the individual and align with OPSM’s Four Pillars of Development (Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Mental). In addition to Athlete development, I will also be overseeing and collaborating with management in all matters that concern creation, implementation, and execution of OPSM programming,” stated Benjamin on what he will be doing in this new exciting role. 

Benjamin also talked about his eagerness to join the OPSM family, “I feel that excitement pales in comparison to the overwhelming sense of gratitude that exists within me. I am so incredibly fortunate, to not only guide future generations through the unifying vehicle of sport but also to work with such a dynamic and progressive group of individuals who I can now call my OPSM family.” 

Benjamin is a sure-minded, confident individual and is the perfect addition to the growing OPSM team.

The former Guyana International’s experience will be vital to pushing young players toward the direction of success and he will be sure to do everything in his power to inspire the next generation of young North American talent. 

“I am a firm believer that the highest human act is to inspire. Understanding this, my goal has always been to spark the internal love that drives individuals toward self-discovery, inspiration, and refinement.  Using the transferable skills that I have acquired from years of experience in the world of professional & International Sport, Health & Fitness, Nutrition, Education, and Social Work, my personal mission has always been to uplift youth, families, and communities with the hopes of guiding them towards the realization of dreams and championing any challenge, goal, or circumstance,” said Benjamin on what he stands for.

It’s evident that Benjamin has the best interest of the athletes in mind and he will be a vital piece to the OPSM team going forward.

OPSM has changed the path for North American footballers by giving them access to more opportunities to be seen in front of both college and professional coaches, and Taylor Benjamin will be another largely vital spoke on the OPSM wheel that will keep things rolling, and make things progress even faster.

A top player, and a top person, Taylor Benjamin is everything OPSM embodies and he is now the official Manager of Athlete Development here at OPSM. 

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