What does it take to go pro in soccer?

Written By Will Boehmer

Being a professional soccer player is a significant step up from college and semi-professional soccer. Only the world’s best and most committed players take part in professional soccer in North America and abroad, especially those on top MLS or European Teams. However, the competitiveness is not just limited to the teams that you see on television as only a fraction of players who started when they were young end up playing even college soccer, let alone academy, reserve, or first-team soccer. Even a move to a second or third-tier Scandinavian team or NISA Professional Team will be a considerable adjustment from semi-professional or college soccer players.  

OPSM Prospect, Leon Maric, signs 1st Pro contract with NISA Club, Michigan Stars

Many outsiders only look at the technical abilities shown on the pitch or the physical attributes of players when comparing themselves to top pros, but there are even more differences than meets the eye. One significant difference seen repeatedly between those who are professionals and those who want to be is the commitment to a professional lifestyle. This consists of the daily details that the established professionals have diligently added to their routines over time. Stretching routines, curated nutrition, strength programs, conditioning, plyometrics, personal development, striking technique, the list goes on. All these aspects and more are carefully executed day in and day out by top professionals and those aspiring to be top professionals.  

OPSMPRO Player, Diego Barrera, Signing with Nisa Club, Los Angeles Force

People often ask if you can play soccer professionally coming from smaller colleges or less successful men’s leagues or semi-professional clubs. The answer, absolutely. But it is not easy. It is important to have a resume or as it is commonly referred to in the soccer world, a CV. CV essentially stands for “Course of life” and lists your previous teams, accolades, and normally a link to your highlight video. Professional Teams will not give you a trial because you are simply good at self-promotion or because you believe in yourself, you must have something to show scouts and coaches for reference that highlights your previous on-field success.   

Enter OPSM. OPSMPRO (The Agency) has been representing and providing pathways for athletes from Canada, the United States, Europe, and Central/South America find professional contracts with clubs since 2017.   

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OPSM’s 21st-century hands-on, induvial based approach ensures that we do not just help develop our clients, but enrich their lives holistically.  The connections and lifelong friendships you make within our OPSM community are ones that are sure to help you both in the here and now, as well in all of your future endeavors as you continue on your path of higher purpose. OPSM’s motto is “From Start to Finish,” and everyone involved with us knows it’s the truth. Because when you commit yourself to the OPSM family we commit back. Serving you on your journey of developing what it takes to make it as a professional soccer player.       

Jose Davalos, Combine attendee & OPSM Prospect receiving Pro Pathway advice from OSPMPRO Player, Fabian Bastidas

From Start to Finish, OPSMPRO is here for you.  

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